About Me

Well, they say that many people fall into their job and I think you can say that about me. Born in the UK, I spent my childhood being dragged to the deepest corners of the English countryside by my adventurous parents. This gave me my passion to travel and explore. The rest of Europe beckoned as I became older and a desire to see what lay beyond the English channel. On one of these numerous trips I discovered the delights of Germany.

I instantly fell in love with Germany especially Bavaria. On one trip I got more than I bargained for! I walked into the world famous Hofbräuhaus in Munich and walked out with a German wife! (well, the telephone number of my wife to be). I loved the region and a particular person so much, that I packed my worldly possessions into my car and drove to Bavaria. Two years after moving to Bavaria I discovered my grandfather had cycled past my front door 70 years earlier! What a small world we live in.