After years of seeming to spend my life travelling in the opposite direction to  the general flow, I find this quite beneficial in rush hour traffic situations, hence why I try to time all driving when the roads are least busiest as much as possible.

Who are you?

My name is Bond…… Gareth Bond. Originally from Great Britain but now live In Bavaria with my German wife. I have a daughter and love to spend as much time as possible in the countryside.

What′s so special about your tours and why should I choose you?

I have a huge passion for knowledge and a love to share it with people in a novel and interesting way. For example, what’s the common link between a famous 20th Century Prime minister of Great Britain, some bloke called Napoleon Bonaparte and the master spy James Bond? Well book a tour and find out!

I suppose having spent over 25 years performing on stages; I do have a tendency to want to entertain, so I try to make my tours both very informative but also lively.

All my tours are select and private. They are not done to a script or a set time table. We can stop for refreshments whenever and where ever. Great place for a photo opportunity, and then we can stop?  I can advise on the best start and finish times, but can fit in with your specific requirements.

  • Obviously I speak Fluent (Queens) English, but having lived in Germany for several years, I am able to translate any requests or issues that may arise on our tour.
  • Private tour with no annoying strangers to disturb your group.
  • All inclusive prices, so no need to worry about paying for anything else.
Are children welcome on your tours?

My tours are family friendly and children are naturally very welcome. Having a daughter myself and being a very hands on Father, I am quite apt at knowing how to keep children entertained and interested, I will always tailor my trips to the specific audience that has booked me.

How long are your Tours?

My Tours are planned loosely around 10 hours. They sometimes can take longer depending on factors like traffic or just because we are having so much fun that I forget to look at the clock! It does happen.

What size groups do you cater for?

From 1 to any number. I generally though cater for smaller groups as I like to be able to give a more personal touch. It is also fewer names to remember for me! (I never forget a face though).

Why are meals not provided?

This is the only thing not included in the price and for a specific reason. Having through experience learnt that it is far better for me to recommend somewhere to buy lunch (or bring a picnic), as people eating tastes are so varied. That way nobody ends up eating something they have paid for and does not like.

Do I need to provide a Deposit?

Yes, I require a 30 % deposit at least a month in advance. This guarantees your tour. This is not refundable and I suggest you have travel insurance in place before booking so in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, you can claim your deposit back. The rest of the balance must be paid in full 2 weeks before the day of the tour.

How can I pay?

Change to, ‘I am able to accept payment in any Currency (so no exchange rate charges to pay for you) and you can pay either via a direct bank transfer or by card payment to my bank account. I do offer payment via Paypal, but this will, unfortunately, incur an additional charge of 11 %.

What is your cancellation policy?

Initial deposit of 30 % is non refundable. Full amount must be paid 2 weeks before your tour date. If you cancel with less than 2 weeks’ notice before your trip, then I will only refund 20 %.

Less than 24 hours notice there is no refund.

Notice: Due to currency exchange rates and/or credit card fees, the refund amount might be different from the amount that you have paid.

What if you cancel?

If for any unforeseen reason I have to cancel your booking, you will receive a full refund or an alternative date, which ever you decide. Every effort is always made to deliver a booked tour but on rare occasions, such as illness, it may be necessary to cancel (or postpone).

Do you offer tours in other languages besides English & German?

YES If you’re looking for a tour in Japanese, French, Russian, Dutch, Afrikaans, Arabic or any other language and would like me as a tour guide, I can provide a translator for the day (at your own expense).